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Mar 29, 2023 at 10:35 pm by Staff

Poser 13 for Windows Released Mar. 30th, 2023

On behalf of the Poser development team, testing team, support team, content team and all the staff at Bondware/Renderosity, we are pleased to announce the initial public release of Poser 13 for Windows.  As with Poser 12, we expect to release several minor updates to this version over time as meaningful new features are completed.

We believe this is actually the best Poser release in years.  To achieve this, we assembled a small team with many of the key players that helped create Poser over the years.  This team included Larry Weinberg, who created the first version of Poser in 1995.  We then added expertise in areas such as GPU rendering and Post FX.  Work started early in 2022 and has continued non-stop through today.

A key goal for this release has been to simplify content creation for Poser by supporting single-mesh figures that remain in memory and are not broken into smaller segments internally by the software (aka unimesh).  We are still working toward that goal  but, with this release, we are proud to announce the delivery of updated tools for content developers that greatly simplify common tasks such as the creation of conforming clothing for Poser figures.  This focus on tools that streamline content creation will be an on-going theme for Poser development going forward.

Your purchase of Poser helps cover our development cost, professional customer support and includes over 25 GB of curated content.  While you can purchase premium content for Poser on marketplaces such as PoserSoftware.com and Renderosity.com, it is not required and many customers use Poser with just the included, downloadable content.  As usual with each major version of Poser, we offer a 21-day free trial to ensure the software meets your needs before purchase.

We are happy to report that an exciting new figure is in the works for Poser 13 and will arrive soon with delivery accelerated by the new content creator tools.  Watch the PoserSoftware newsletter in coming weeks for related announcements.  

We expect the Mac version to follow the Windows release in a few weeks as a free update for Poser 13 license holders.  The Mac version represents a milestone for Poser as it will  include the SuperFly render engine with Metal GPU support for the first time and will run on M1/M2 processors using Rosetta emulation.

We hope you enjoy this new version of Poser as much as we enjoyed creating it.  We look forward to your feedback.  Please review the summary of new features below.

New Features in Poser 13

  • Updated SuperFly render engine utilizing the latest open source Cycles engine.  GPU renders of complex scenes benchmark at under half the time required for the same scene on Poser 12.
  • New Post FX options for rendered images including: denoise, exposure, saturation, gamma, brightness, contrast, bloom, blur and pixelate.
  • Updated animation rendering system for better productivity rendering movie sequences.
  • GPU rendering on remote nodes with Queue Manager allows creation of a powerful render farm on your local network
  • New app launcher with Recent and Start Up scene templates
  • Updated Walk Designer and Talk Designer for better compatibility with all figure types and support of imported libraries.
  • Improved adaptive sampling for faster renders.
  • Improved Intel Open Image Denoise (OIDN) that uses AI to denoise SuperFly renders.
  • HDRI environment rendering for SuperFly.
  • Enhanced shadow catcher and included HDRI environments enable realistic 360-degree VR-like environments inside Poser
  • Improved morph and weight map copying system makes creating clothing easier.
  • Streamlined installer, less than a 1/4 the size of previous version.
  • Improved included content delivery using Poser's content library. One click installation of included and store assets.  Over 25 GB of updated and re-organized content from Poser versions over the years.
  • Mac version coming soon as included update with Metal GPU support and M1/M2 support through Rosetta.
  • New online help system works in your web browser with translation & bookmarks.
  • Downloadable PDF version of the manual for off-line reading


How to Download or Purchase

Poser 13 is available for download or purchase by individuals at www.posersoftware.com.  For resellers, educational institutions or companies requiring over 10 licenses, please use our Contact Us form to initiate a sales call or meeting.

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