Poser 13.1 Released for Windows and Mac

Aug 17, 2023 at 10:30 am by Staff

The Poser team is pleased to announce the public release of Poser 13.1 for Windows and Mac (13.0.449).  This is a FREE update for customers that already own a Poser 13 license.  We would like to thank our beta testers and early adopters for your invaluable feedback that always makes Poser better.  Here is a summary of new features and improvements.


  • Return of the Mac version with support for latest versions of MacOS.
  • SuperFly rendering now supports Metal.
  • Improved CPU and GPU renders on Apple M1 & M2 processors.
  • Improved stability with Diacritic letters, Unicode characters in file paths.
  • Background and Queue Manager renders now utilize GPU if available
  • Queue Manager renders now support Post FX.
  • Improvements to Make Movie export, encoded movies with audio. Corrected movie colors on Make Movie SuperFly renders.
"First quick impressions (on Mac): ... I switch to the GPU - Radeon Pro 64 (iMac Pro) and it was *way* better than GPU on a Mac had ever been ... I loved the way the GPU just smashed through the hair shader ... Well done, Poser team! Can't wait for the next-gen figures." - thoennes forum post


  • Added Lock checkbox of objects to the Properties palette.
  • Added Recenter Window palette under the Window menu option to recenter lost windows.
  • Added Shift selection for "Add Object to Deform"
  • You now can add your Poser 12 Purchase library to Poser 13.


  • Creation of Volumetrics greatly improved.
  • Cycles BSDF nodes now showing the color channel including PrincipledBSDF yielding better preview colors.
  • Applying a Material now defaults to Burley instead of Walk scatter method in Physical Surface when loading a scene.
  • Improved Subsurface Scatter handling in SuperFly.
  • Improvements to Burley Scatter, Edgeblend, DiffuseBsdf nodes.
  • Hardware Preview works better with Cycle shader plus Principled shader node.
  • Lit wireframe display no longer changes to outline if layered materials are used.
  • Eliminated artifacts in Material layers rendering.
  • FireFly Background image Auto_Fit setting no longer shrinks to background 1x1 format ratio.


  • New Math/Tesselation (uprez) on Copy Morphs & Copy Joints (weight maps, bulge maps, etc) to simplify clothing creation
  • Corrected Rig symmetry for collars, Pose Symmetry for arms.
"Can't believe how easy it is to rig conforming clothing" - Karth


  • Updated to latest stable Cycles render engine
  • Better handling and retention of render device settings (OPTIX/GPU/etc)
  • Reworked the low-end CPU render presets for better renders in reasonable time.
  • Area render correctly updates rectangular area selection.
  • 3D Motion Blur improved with Queue Manager renders.
  • Full GPU support for background and Queue Manager renders
"Yes, I love it too... the depth and refraction... fantastic."
- Charly_99 reacting to ghostship2 render


  • Improved Raytrace Preview when Poser scale is increased.
  • Lights attached to figures correctly delete when the figure is deleted.
  • Render Status dialog correctly clears previous status, no longer corrupting new message.

The dev team is still investigating subsurface scattering (SSS) variations that surfaced last minute in certain material shader nodes and working towards Blender visual equivalence where possible.  As these issues do not affect all users and given the urgency of releasing the Mac version for Poser 13 alongside other critical bug fixes, the decision was taken to release 13.1.449 now to be followed by a service release within a couple weeks to address outstanding SSS variations.

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