Announcing Poser 13.3.686 Release

Mar 12, 2024 at 01:04 pm by Staff

The Poser team is pleased to announce the public release of Poser 13.3.686 for Windows and Mac.  This is a FREE update for customers that already own a Poser 13 license.  We would like to thank our beta testers and early adopters for the feedback that always makes Poser better.  Here is a summary of included improvements, and bug fixes.

With this release complete, the dev team has returned their attention to work on Poser 14.

Content Creator Usability Improvements

  • Fixed issue with Vicky 4 pmd not injecting external morphs. 
  • Replacing figures or props now gives warning message saving to the library when file compression/uncompression doesn't match.
  • Corrected issue with joint center going into a confused state in the Joint Editor

Rendering and Settings Improvements

  • Corrected Simple Color node so that it no longer creates invalid results in the Cg shader code.

Material Room Improvements

  • Drag and drop simple mats, drag an image onto a node, drag in a group of maps with correct labeling with auto wire to the correct nodes.
  • Added recognized texture keywords to Material Room Help windows for knowing what keywords filenames are used.
  • Improved the HDRI viewport.
  • Fixed severe slow down when re-loading animated materials.

Talk Designer Improvements

  • Replaced current Lip Sync tech with Rhubarb Lip Sync
  • Updated default Viseme mappings so all Cartoon Characters work

General Usability Improvements

  • Fixed Mac-only crash when renaming a figure from the hierarchy panel
  • Fixed 'Install from Zip Archive' to be case insensitive on .ZIP suffix.
  • Parameters Dials: Locked the min max and disabled the controls for geometry dials.
  • Added Denoise to the Raytrace Preview when set to SuperFly render.

How to Download

The Poser 13.3 software can be downloaded at:

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