Texture Atlas Options

When the Compile Texture Atlas option is checked during FBX export (as described in FBX Export Settings and Steps), Poser will combine individual texture maps into as few images as possible, based on the settings that you specify in the Texture Atlas Options dialog. Multiple images may be generated, such as when multiple textures are bound to the same UV space (for example, when diffuse, transparency, and bump maps are used in the same UV space). The following image shows thumbnails for a texture atlas that is created for La Femme. Notice that two images are created, with the bump maps for the skin textures being placed on a second texture.

Texture Atlas images created for La Femme.

The Texture Atlas Options dialog will appear before the file is exported. This dialog displays the following options:

Texture Atlas Options dialog.

If two textures occupy the same UV space (such as a diffuse texture, bump texture, or transparency map) they will be selected/deselected together when one of the associated textures are selected or deselected. For example, if you click to select a face texture, the associated bump and transparency maps will also become selected.

Higher settings prevent obvious seam lines. If you find later that there are visible seams in your external application, you can increase the Border Pixel Size setting and export the FBX file again.

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