Poser Figures Hierarchy

In order to make a figure bendable, it needs to be attached to a skeleton that moves the polygons in the geometry. In order to attach the polygons (or “skin”) to the bones, the polygons in the geometry must be named the same as the bones in the underlying skeleton.

To utilize as many of Poser’s posing and morphing capabilities as possible, there are specific naming conventions that should be followed. Most human Poser figures follow a hierarchical structure that uses the hip actor as its root. Internal body part groups must always begin with a lower-case letter, with right and left body parts always beginning with a lower-case r (for right) or l (for left) to work with Poser’s Symmetry commands properly.

The internal group names that are used by the Alyson and Ryan figures are shown below in their correct hierarchical structure. Alyson and Ryan have additional groups (shown in bold italics) which control the top and bottom teeth, several levels for the tongue, and an extra joint for each of the fingers and toes to allow for better bending. Other Poser figures may have more or less groups, but the basic arrangement of the bones will be similar to that shown below:






























































































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