Poser Pro 11

Have you seen what's NEW in Poser Pro 11?

FREE content is available for all buyers of Poser Pro 11, Upgrades to Poser Pro 11 and all previous buyers of Poser Pro 11 and Poser Pro 2014 (Game Dev Version Only) when you update to the current version of Poser Pro 11 here!

Included for FREE is the new La Femme base figure that also has a morph dial to change her to L’Homme male figure. 

The Poser installation contains these BASIC non-morph versions of both figures.

PRO versions of both are available for purchase. These are anatomically correct and have morphs and more texture options including Procedural, PBR and SSS shaders along with Refracted Eyes. 

But that's not all!

The following HiveWire3D products are also included for FREE with the purchase of Poser Pro 11. 

Content? We've got you covered!


All Legacy Content from previous versions of Poser is available for download as well as ALL-NEW content!


Over $900 in FREE content when you buy Poser Pro 11! Check it out!

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