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By: Ken1171_Designs

 by Ken1171_Designs
Price: $ 16.95

Dial Master for Poser 12

Dial Master Python script for Poser 12

Ever wanted to dial multiple parameters at once, with the ability to search by keyword, filter by dial type and/or value, set and reset values to maximum, minimum, or default values with 1 click? This script is a great complement to the Parameters Palette. It supports both figures and props - anything that has dials!

What you get:

* Quickly locate dials by typing keywords into a search box.
* Select multiple parameters and dial them all at once.
* Filter dials by type and/or by value.
* On-the-fly 4 levels of dialing precision.
* List only dials currently being used.
* 1-click setting multiple dials to min, max, default, and zero values.
* Switch to Body actor with 1-click.
* Clear display of currently selected figure, actor, and number of dials.
* Show/hide hidden parameters.
* Toggle dial limits on/off.
* Sort dial lists alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
* Supports figures and props - anything that has dials.
* Poser native, dockable panel.
* Smart panel remembers position, size, docking state, and filter settings.
* Built-in PDF manual launcher. Help at your fingertips.