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By: Ken1171_Designs

 by Ken1171_Designs
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LockMaster for Poser 12

Lock Master Python Script for Poser 12 and up.

LockMaster is a FUN way of automating the locking, resetting, and toggling visibility of one or multiple figure parts. Requires Poser 12.0.396 or newer. Works with all existing Poser figures.

Traditionally, Poser makes it hard to lock body parts because we can only do it on a single part at a time, hunting for the command in the menus. So if you want to lock an entire hand, you have to repeat the process 16 times, which is tedious and tiresome, and we cannot visually identify what parts have been locked or not just by looking at them.

LockMaster automates this process with a single button click to lock or unlock entire parts of any figure, like an entire arm, just the hand, just the fingers, legs, or anything you want. It also changes the preview mode on the selection, so you can clearly visualize what is locked and what is not directly from the viewport.

Operation modes include:

* Lock: Lock/unlock selected body parts.
* Reset: Reset rotations, translations, scale and morphs from the selected parts.
* Zero Pose: Same as reset, but only affects rotations (poses).
* Visibility Toggle: Toggles visibility on the selected parts.

Please watch the demo video for a full demonstration of all features in 12 minutes.

NOTE: This tool was designed to work with Figures, and has no effect on props.