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By: Ken1171_Designs

Price: $ 19.95

MAT Edit for Poser 12

MAT Edit Python script for Poser 12. Requires Poser 12.0.703 or later.

This is a smart and powerful tool for editing general Poser materials. Ever wanted to edit, copy, and paste multiple materials in Poser?


> Edit multiple materials simultaneously on figures or props.
> Edit materials on multiple figures at the same time.
> Option to apply only selected changes, or the entire material.
> Copy and Paste multiple materials (or entire figure/prop materials).
> Intelligent pasting that observes what was copied and selected, and behaves accordingly.
> Dedicated Root Node editor that allows multiple value edits, and even rewire shader nodes connections.
> 1-Click material selection reset and or Cleanup!
> 1-Click auto-adjust texture map gamma value over multiple selections, or the entire figure(s) or prop(s).
> Change texture map filtering type over multiple material selections, or the entire figure(s) or prop(s).
> Mass-Replace texture maps over multiple materials.
> 1-Click fixing legacy "Gradient Bump" from older materials.
> Options to collapse/expand shader node's inputs and/or previews by root node, by regular shader nodes, or both.
> 1-Click rearrange shader nodes positions into a more compact layout. This also repositions root nodes back to the origin, in case they are off-screen.
> Export selected materials, or the entire figure/prop materials to MC6 file preset.
> Option to select, or auto-select figures and materials in Poser, so they keep in sync with the tool selections.
> Every action is accessible from a dedicated button, or from a right-click context menu.
> Compatible with figures and props, PoserSurface and PhysicalSurface root nodes, and compound nodes.
> Built-in button to launch the PDF manual.
> Smart native Poser dockable panel.