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By: Ken1171_Designs

 by Ken1171_Designs
Price: $ 12.95

Script Manager for Poser 12

Scripts Manager Python Script for Poser 12

This is a centralized, fully dynamic scripts launcher menu for Ken1171 Designs scripts, and also a 1-click scripts uninstaller - the very first ever made for Poser!

Tired of manually adding scripts to the Poser Scripts Palette, where you can only assign a maximum of 10 buttons? This tool automatically and dynamically adds my installed scripts, and there is no limit for how many it can handle!

Script updates often require first removing the previous version before they can be installed, and now that can be quickly done with 1-click. No more searching for where they were installed!

You may ask why is it listing itself in the menu? What if there is an update and you need to uninstall the previous version first? You are covered!

What you get:

* Auto-detect and dynamically create launcher buttons for my installed scripts.
* No limit for how many scripts it can handle.
* Quickly launch my scripts from a centralized location.
* 1-click refresh installed scripts list at any time.
* Support for multi-scripts with dynamic sub-menus.
* Uninstall single or multi-scripts with 1-click.
* Detect and remove duplicated script installations with 1-click.
* Built-in 1-click PDF manual launcher.
* Native dockable Poser panel.