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By: Ken1171_Designs

 by Ken1171_Designs
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SkinEdit for Poser 12

SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12

Ever wanted to edit ALL the figure's skin MAT zones at once, instead of having to go 1-by-1 to apply the same settings? Ever wanted to convert complex old school Firefly shaders to Superfly with 1-click, while cleaning up the shaders and auto-creating missing maps like bump and specular? What about 1-click fixing all eye materials, so they render nicely in Superfly? This includes complete rebuilding materials for skin, inner mouth, eyelashes, nails, and eyes that not only look better in Superfly, but also render FASTER!

Most figures have lots of material zones, and it can be tiresome to manually edit them one at a time. Victoria 4 has like 14 just for the skin, and DawnSE has 9 for that as well. This means that if we want to edit just the skin materials on V4, we have to do it at least 14 times, and on DawnSE, 9 times. It’s not difficult, but it’s definitely tedious.

SkinEdit P12 streamlines the whole process by allowing editing supported figure materials in “batch” mode, meaning we edit whole sets of MAT zones at once, instead of one at a time. Supports Poser Surface and Physical Surface root nodes. Figure profile Maker\Editor to support other figures included.