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By: Flink

 by Flink
Price: $ 24.90


"Flinks Rocky Landscape" is a landscape for Poser with 2 flat and two hilly areas.

it contains 11 different objects in the Poser format:

- 1 landscape prop
- 1 rocks prop
- 1 bushes prop
- 1 trees prop
- 1 grass prop (grass for the whole landscape with the areas excluded)
- 4 grass areas props (for each of the 4 areas a separate grass object)
- 2 water props (for area 2 and area 3)

- 5 combined objects (centered on each of the 4 areas and one without grass)
- 4 different landscape-shaders (as material collection & single material)

The landscape is so large that it is not fully displayed by the standard poser camera. To prevent clipping, you should increase the "Yon" parameter of the camera used(Main/Dolly/...), until the scene is completely visible.