Bollywood For La Femme Back to All

Price: $ 21.95

The Hindi culture has encouraged the growth of cinema, fashion and now 3D. Our Bollywood outfit for LaFemme celebrates this culture and shares it with our customers.

Included in this set are superconforming Jacket, Skirt and Pants and a Dupatta (long scarf) commonly worn. TheDupatta is a parented prop with morphs to adjust the right arm and body with some limited movement morphs.

It should be noted that some poses are simply not feasible for the prop item, such as arms in the air above LaFemme's head; arm movement up is basically limited to the TPose.

The conforming clothing will follow La Femme's poses eliminating the need for handles and all pieces contain adjust/movement morphs. Keep in mind, the skirt/dress thighs and shins, while following the pose, may also be adjusted in the same manner users are familiar with as ghost bones.

The outfit also contains La Femme's base morphs, DC Body Kit, Femme Fatale and the Anime morphs.

Please make sure to load each item and explore the adjustment and movement morphs in each piece to become familiar with them.

All clothing items will automatically follow the morphs of La Femme.

Dupatta Prop Custom Morphs:
Back Out
Back Side
Chest Adjust
Front Forward
Shoulder Adjust
Shoulder Back
Shoulder Up
Waist Adjust
Hand Adjust

Skirt Custom Morphs:
Left Side Out
Right Side Out
Back Out