Dress Up II For La Femme Back to All

Price: $ 17.95

"Dress Up II" is high-quality 3D model of clothes for the V4 family, which we have professionally converted to La Femme.

We've done a professional conversion of the originals, taking care to preserve the UV mapping and morphs of the original (where appropriate). Some original morphs are excluded as they are covered with weight mapping and our current rigging system in Poser, making them repetitive and confusing.

Remember, properly rigged weight map products will follow the pose of your figure automatically. However, if you need them, the thigh and shins bones behave exactly like the old tech "ghost bones" and can be used to assist in posing. In addition, the hip of the dress is available for simulations in the cloth room. So, now, we have the best of all worlds - follow the pose for those who prefer to Load, Pose and Render; ghost bones for those who prefer to adjust the posing; and the Cloth Room for simulations for more natural posing, especially in a seated position.

Texture artists who enjoy working on V4 items will find the templates for both sets are exactly the same. New texture addons will be welcome and will work both ways - you can use your LaFemme textures on the V4 version as well! We've included 1 new texture in this set for the Anime figures.

Include in this pack:
• 1 Conforming Clothing Figure
• 1 Geometry Files
• 7 Matposes
• 9 Textures
• Seam Guide in the Templates folder

Also included are the following La Femme morph sets:
Base Morphs
DC Body Kit
Femme Fatale

Custom morphs from the original set are also included for adjustment and posing.