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Price: $ 65.00

With the Poser Wedding Bundle, you'll get five sets of products Poser's L'Homme and LaFemme. This bundle includes Fantasy Bride for La Femme, June Hair, Love Story Jewelry, Love Story Props, and The White Chapel. It's an $85 value for only $65.

Fantasy Bride for La Femme

The Fantasy Bride Dress and Veil use Poser dynamics to create realistic fabric for your fantasy bride. This package includes a dynamic dress and veil, as well as three style for each, one Clay Material presets for easy posing, multiple color presets for each gown and veil style, and Hide/Show presets for the dress's bodice.

As a bonus, we have included a bouquet with left- and right-hand grasp poses.

June Hair

June Hair for La Femme is a fairy tale up-do that works in Poser. Included in June Hair are 16 colors for Firefly and SuperFly with morphs to match larger styles or smaller more dainty renders.

Love Story Jewelry 

Love Story Jewelry for La Femme is a pearly necklace,tiara, earrings, bracelet and a wedding ring with a variety of pearl, gem, metals options for Firefly and Superfly. With silver, gold, brass, black, pink, peach, blue, black and purple pearls with matching gemstones, the variety that you can customize is endless. Morphs included to fit to any neck with these props. Great to add a nice touch of class to any render.

As a bonus, we've included a wedding band for M4 or L'Homme.

Love Story Props

Love Story Props is a set of 18 props items perfect for a celebration of love. This pack contains a wedding cake, two loose pieces of cake, a cake knife, a ring pillow with a ring, one without, three different gift styles with optional ribbons and wrapping paper, two giftbags, flower prop, flower basket (with flowers and one without), four loose flower petals of different styles, extra color options for different props.

You can even customize the cake to hide the figures on top and scale down your favorite wedding dress clad gals or guys, and make your own gender custom cake.

The White Chapel

The White Chapel is the perfect setting for the perfect wedding. This pack includes chapel set preload, chapel, pew, pew row set (left/right), altar table, altar set, cross, pedestal, pedestal with vase, vase with lilies, pew lilies, ceiling lamps, sconce, sky dome, chapel main, chapel altar back wall, chapel altar ceiling spots, chapel altar roof, chapel entrance, chapel roof, and left and right chapel side walls.

It also contains eight scene presets with lights, 10 full body poses with mirrored versions for La Femme, four 'Go To' poses, and 12 cameras.

Material options are ceiling lamp on/off, ceiling spots on/off, sconce on/off and roof default/glass.