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By: RPublishing

 by RPublishing
Price: $ 18.95


Introducing Navy Star Outfit for LA Femme! An Anime themed outfit with limitless potential for fun fun fun in your anime renders! Show your toon love with Pro, Body Kit, Femme Fatale and the new Anime morph fits.

Now, we have brought this user favorite to La Femme as well. We've done a professional conversion of the originals, taking care to preserve the UV mapping and morphs of the original (where appropriate). Some original morphs are excluded as they are covered with weight mapping and our current rigging system in Poser, making them repetitive and confusing.

Texture artists who enjoy working on V4 items will find the templates for both sets are exactly the same. New texture addons will be welcome!

Include in this pack:
6 Conforming Clothing Figure
6 Geometry Files
2 original Matposes
22 original Textures

Also included are the following La Femme morph sets:
Base Morphs
DC Body Kit
Femme Fatale
Anime morphs from the Anime Girl for La Femme and Poser

Custom morphs from the original set are also included for adjustment and pos

Also included:

Right Glove OBJ and CR2
Left Glove OBJ and CR2
Boots OBJ and CR2
Scarf OBJ and CR2
Top OBJ and CR2
Skirt OBJ and CR2

Default Toon mats
Realistic Mats
22 .mt5 mats that can be applied to any material zone for countless new anime looks !