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Price: $ 39.95

La Vampire Outfit for your La Femme

In this set...

Conforming OBJs..

Skirt, packed with custom morphs for movement and different styles

Textures there are 2 metals for each item Black and Red


Elisabeta will make your Runtime's blood boil!

She comes with lots of scary goodies like human and vampire eyes, make-ups and sharp custom morphed fangs to give you infinite options of fun.

You need only La Femme Pro, the head and body are two separate custom morphs and don't need any extra package. She was carefully reshaped to give her a curvy and sensual body.

This product will work only for the Poser versions 11 and above.
MAT Files created to be perfectly compatible also with the new Superfly render system of Poser 11 and also the Firefly render system.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Body
- REM Body
- INJ Head
- REM Head
- INJ Teeth Up (Vampire Fangs)
- REM Teeth Up
- MAT Elisabeta
- 1 MAT Body With Tattoo
- 1 MAT Body No Tattoo
- 1 MAT Arms With Tattoo
- 1 MAT Arms No Tattoo
- 8 MAT Eyes
- 1 MAT Eye Vampire
- 1 MAT Sclera Human
- 1 MAT Sclera Vampire
- 1 MAT Mouth Normal
- 2 MAT Mouth Blood
- 1 MAT Face Natural
- 7 MAT Face Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 8 MAT Lips Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Face Bat
- 2 MAT Face Vampire Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 8 MAT Lips Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Nails Base
- 8 Nails Color

- 3 MAT Face Blood (they change the face and lips together)


L´Araigneé for La Femme
Spooky but lovely


Right and Left Earrings
Conforming Necklace
Spider prop
Spider Articulated Figure
35 Materials


Femme Fatale Breasts Morphs
Body Kit Breasts and Chest Morphs
La Femme Pro Breasts Morphs
Body Kit Full Body Morphs
Anime Girl Sakura
Anime Neck and Classic Breasts

Includes adjusting manual morphs


Spider loads parented to a ghost bone in the necklace that follows all the supported morphs and arms/Chest movements.
If you want to move spider's legs then delete the loaded one and load the Articulated Spider Prop.