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Price: $ 16.95

Go Physical for Poser 12

This is a Python script for Poser 12. Requires Poser 12.0.1029 or later.

Automate the creation of Superfly PhysicalSurface PBR shaders out of existing Firefly Poser Surface materials, while preserving the original. Render materials in both Firefly and Superfly with native support for both. BONUS PBR metal creator to turn selected MAT zones into PBR metallic surfaces.

These are some of the main features:

  • 1-Click PhysicalSurface materials creation out of your existing Poser Surface materials.
  • Auto-plugs existing shaders to the newly created PhysicalSurface root node.
  • Auto-assigns PoserSurface root to Firefly, and PhysicalSurface to Superfly.
  • Clear, simple, and intuitive interface with full tooltips information.
  • Specify which MAT zones you want to affect, or apply to all.
  • Helper buttons to select all mat zones, none, or toggle the selection.
  • Option to create a PBR Roughness map out of existing texture maps.
  • Option to connect only texture maps, skipping Firefly shaders.
  • Option to apply the process to all conformed items on a figure.
  • Supports figures, props, and conformed items.
  • BONUS: Option to turn any material zone selections into PBR metallic surfaces.
  • Poser native, dark themed panel with optional auto-docking.
  • The panel persists when switching rooms in Poser.
  • Smart panel remembers last position, size, docking state, and auto-docking settings.
  • Built-in PDF manual launcher. Help at your fingertips.

*Note: This is an automation tool, not a material converter.