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By: Ken1171_Designs

 by Ken1171_Designs
Price: $ 14.95

Secret Kitten for Poser 12

Secret Kitten is a Python script for Poser 12 that represents the very first video game ever made for Poser. You can play it while waiting for a long background render, or just for the fun of it. It's an adaptation of "Hangman", where you have to unveil a secret word by guessing its letters. For each secret word, you are given a certain number of tries, which varies depending on the word length. If you win, you get a new kitten image.

These are some of the main features:

  • A vocabulary of 1,600 words that never repeat in a session.
  • A collection of 400 kittens that never repeat in a session.
  • The game is randomized every time for maximized uniqueness.
  • Your score is preserved between sessions.
  • Automated vowels insertion (optional).
  • Keeps track of letters you have already tried.
  • Keeps track of your winning streaks (consecutive wins).
  • Shows how many tries you have left (numerically and progress bar).
  • Status box shows useful info and instructions during game play.
  • See a new cute kitten every time you win! ^___^
  • Game panel persists when switching Poser Rooms.
  • All controls have informative tooltips describing what they do.
  • Native dockable Poser panel with Dark Theme.
  • Built-in PDF manual.

**WARNING: This game may cause addiction - please play with moderation.