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By: Ken1171_Designs

 by Ken1171_Designs
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Runtime Organizer for Poser 12

This is a Python script for Poser 12. Requires Poser 12.0.1029 or later.

Runtime Organizer allows managing and organizing your Poser list of external runtimes with more options than is allowed by the existing Poser library tools. Besides adding/removing runtimes to/from your library, you can also edit the order of each runtime in the list, sort it alphabetically it, and auto-remove with invalid paths.

These are some of the main features:

  • Add/Remove external runtimes to your Poser library.
  • Edit the order in which they show in the list.
  • Sort runtimes by alphabetic order (A to Z).
  • Sort runtimes by reversed alphabetic order (Z to A).
  • Auto-clean runtimes list by removing invalid paths.
  • Save button highlights when changes are made.
  • Informative tooltips when you hover the mouse over them.
  • Concise, effective, and well-organized panel for easy operation.
  • The panel persists when switching rooms in Poser.
  • Poser native, dark themed panel with optional auto-docking.
  • Smart panel remembers last position, size, docking state, and auto-docking settings.
  • Built-in PDF manual launcher. Help at your fingertips.