Poser 13 - Additional Seat For License Back to All

Price: $ 49.95

Looking to expand your Poser software capabilities and increase your productivity? Then look no further than the additional seat option for Poser 13!

With each Poser license, users are provided with 3 seats, allowing the software to be used on up to 3 separate computers. However, for those looking to create larger or more complex 3D projects, this may not be enough. That's where the additional seat option comes in.

By purchasing this product, existing Poser 13 license holders can add an extra seat to their license and expand their rendering capabilities. This means more Poser workstations or nodes in your render farm, allowing for faster processing times and increased productivity.

Don't let limited rendering capabilities hold you back. Invest in an additional seat for Poser today and take your 3D projects to the next level!