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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 12.00


Enjoy a set of 18 candles for your scenes! They all have melted wax, and are optimized to only a few thousand polys, so that you can easily fill your scenes with many of them! They use basic color and sub surface scattering so that the light comes through them naturally. Normal maps are applied to each candle to provide more detail. So you can use any wax material you like, but make sure to add the normal map afterwards (on the physical node in Poser)

10 Color presets are also included for each candle, and if you want to go beyond that they are simple tints, so you can adjust the colors in each candle with ease. The flame is a multi-plane with emission, so they will cast light on their own. Also included is 3 light strengths, plus an off-option if you want the candle without flame.

The following is included:
18 Candles
10 Material options for each