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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 14.95


Take your runtime straight into photo-realism with the Portal of Riza!

The Portal of Riza is a very unique scene with highly detailed, uniquely textured 3d models that can create very life like dreamy, fantasy or sci-fi sceneries. It comes with rocks, stairs, plants, a portal, clouds and several backgrounds. The rock pieces are photo based so they are not entirely even with the ground (nature never is), so they come with adjustment morphs that can help you "push" the edges into the ground. Texture resolution is high and crisp, at 4k for bigger items. Only the terrain props use tiling textures.

A selection of cloud planes are included! They are slightly bent, and if you use them in layers behind one another you can create very realistic cloud effects. You will however need to rotate and move them if you significantly change the camera angle of the scene. Some suggestions on getting the most out of these is included in the readme

3 major preload scenes are included! A portal with stairs and cloudscape, a bare desert scene and a detailed scene with rocks and palm trees.

The following is included:
8 big cloud planes
8 medium cloud planes
8 light cloud plane puffs
4 portal planes (plus presents with the frame included)
1 magic mirror prop
3 preload scenes
4 rock segment props
2 small rocks
1 sand staircase
2 terrain props