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By: TruForm

 by TruForm
Price: $ 50.00


Take extravagance to the next level with the Cliffside home, a house embedded deeply in the ridges of a foliage heavy mountain! It's strikingly visible! And not just the exterior, but the interior too due to the many large windows providing great views from both sides. It has quite a few rooms including:

4 bedrooms (3 ensuite)
1 standalone bathroom
Entrance seating area
3 Lounges
Rooftop seating
2 Dining areas (1 with a bar)
And a few deck/balcony decorations.

The polygon count for all the trees have been kept low but still requires good hardware for navigation. Areas can be loaded in parts with scene builder or, using the organized design, you can switch areas on/off as they enter or fall out of the camera view (see readme). Also includes camera presets and lighting.

*requires v11 or later for Pre-Lit file as it uses Superfly