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By: TruForm

 by TruForm
Price: $ 19.00


Step into the modern design of the Contemporary kitchen! Offering a luxurious space and filling it with props while remaining neat. In fact due to the amount of space the kitchen has, two island counters were added, one for cooking and one for eating at! Surrounding them are ample counter and cupboard space with appliances and décor to give it colour.


-Separated walls for flexible camera angles
-Correctly pivoted props for interaction
-High quality design for close up renders

Of course kitchens are never completely closed off and as a result a neighbouring room is added which links to the kitchen. This extra space is ready to be filled with whatever furnishings you choose. At the same time it's not totally necessary as the shelf that stands as a transition between the rooms hides the empty area somewhat. Built with balance for performance while maintaining quality.