Back to School Bundle Back to All

Price: $ 29.95

The Back to School Bundle contains two education-themed scenes with scenes from a Modern Classroom and Home Economics Classroom.

Modern Classroom

The Modern Classroom pack comes with all the props and settings you need to recreate your favorite memories. Props include teacher desk with two drawers that open and close; teacher chair; student chair; shelf with books and interior classroom with pose-able door that opens and closes.

Home Economics Classroom

The Home Economics Classroom pack includes full scene pre-load, refrigerator, classroom chair, classroom table, oven with stove top and movable oven-racks, trashcan, sink counter top with pose-able knobs, cabinets and counter. It also features a pose-able door that open and close. The cabinets, oven door and refrigerator also open and close. Even if you don't need a classroom scene, the individual items can be used in other scenes (like houses, restaurants, bars, garages, etc.)