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By: RPublishing

 by RPublishing
Price: $ 16.95


LF NyX Dreamer is a lovely gothic style outfit for LaFemme 1.


- Dreamer Top
- Dreamer Skirt
- Dreamer Gloves
- Dreamer Headpiece
- Materials for all:
- Top Black Leather
- Gloves Black Leather
- Skirt, Dark Red with Lace Overlay
- Skirt, Black Lace with Overlay
- Headpiece, Default Dk Red
- Headpiece, Black Leather
- Headpiece, Metal


The Dreamer Skirt does not include thigh or shin bones, instead there are ghost bones to manipulate the skirt when posing, and also various adjustment morphs as well. The skirt works best in most poses when using a combination of these bones along with the adjustment morphs when needed. They include:

- Skirt Front
- Skirt Right Front
- Skirt Left Front
- Skirt Left
- Skirt Right
- Skirt Right Back
- Skirt Left Back
- Skirt Back

The Dreamer Mask conforms to the head, and includes Adjustment/Movement morphs for the left and right groups of chains. When using a morph on La'Femme 1 that scales the head or involves height, you will most likely need to manually adjust the position of the mask.