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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 13.95


Take your runtime straight into photo-realism with the Overgrown Mossy Ruin Path!

Overgrown Mossy Ruin Path is a nature set with over 40 different pieces! (Some are variations) It contains mossy ruin rocks, segments, a path, landscape, several plant types and a preload. They can easily be combined in order to very quickly build your own scenes, everything from romantic overgrown fields to ancient fantasy discoveries to something that has become overgrown after an ancient cataclysm.

A preload scene is included as well; an example of what you can do with the items. Many of the props come with morps that enable to you "push down" the edges into the ground and the cliffs, push "back" if you want to make layers of cliffs.. This is due to their photo based nature, they are not always entirely even (nature almost never is!) Everything is in high resolution, with 4K textures and sharp (but optimized) model resolution.

Of course, all these items can easily be used in any other scene, as all these itmes, rocks, cliffs, plants and presets can be loaded and used independently.

Plants are included from an ever growing plant library used to build this product! In this product, some new variations of wilf flowers, ferns and wild grass is included (everything except the character, clothes and hair in the promos is included!)

The following is included:
2 Rock segments
2 Rock segments with plants
3 Ruin segments
3 Ruin segments with plants
1 Path
1 Staircase
1 Landscape
1 Preload
1 Grass base texture/material with displacements

From the plantlibrary:
6 New ferms
5 White flowers
11 Wild grass
4 Preset plant groups

From the prop library:
Mossy rock 01 and 02