By: RPublishing

 by RPublishing
Price: $ 17.95


This building is inspired by the old buildings you see everywhere that have so much potential, but have been run

down by time, the elements and a lack of money.

The charm of this building is showing through by the sheer elegant design and the fact that it is packed with detail.

This model includes the following:

4 sliding doors

4 loft doors

2 cranes coming out the loft doors, one on each end

1 Weather Vane that turns

1 attic vent

10 different beam, floor joist, post, stairway and rafter textures for added realism

The inside of the siding boards have a different texture.

5 different flooring textures for added realism

41 objects in this version

The model will allow you to hide the siding individually on all four sides ( N,S,E,W sides) as well as the perlin boards that support the siding so you can position your cameras for interior shots.

All of the doors open and have limits set for your ease of use.
The interior is complete for inside and outside scenes.

Windmill,truck, tractor and trailer, dumpster, power lines, fence, rope spool, split logs
ground plants and tree are for illustration purposes only, not included.