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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 12.95


Get ready to spice up the lighting in your scenes with streaks, godrays, light bursts, bokeh and dust particles! This VFX set comes with simple, flat planes using transparent and emissive textures that you can use to place in your scene, creating effects that otherwise require heavy volmetric effects to achieve. 46 different styles are included, each of them with 30 preset colors so you can quickly match them with your scene. A tintable version with basic colors is also included. If you want a specific color scheme for your scene, simply take a screenshot or render, blur it a bit, and then replace the emissive color in the material with it.

Depending on the brightness and setup of your scene, you will have to adjust the emissive strength of the material for best results and maybe add a tint to it as well to get the right match. The godrays you simply angle until it fits whatever you have(sun, window etc), and the bokeh and particles are best placed closer to the camera. Those you might want to adjust the transparency strength with also, to get the amount of effect you want. The center-rays are best placed near the sun or another distinct light source, behind objects, so you can really get that flare effect.

The following is included:
18 Angled Rays (Godrays)
13 Centered Ray (Sun flares)
2 Bokeh planes (tiling)
4 Streak rays (horizontal streak lines of light)
9 Dust particles (Different size and thickness, including tiling versions)
30 color presets for each texture´.