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By: RPublishing

 by RPublishing
Price: $ 99.00

The L'Homme Pro Bundle comes with everything you need to get the most out of Poser. This bundle includes L'Homme Pro 2.0, Head Shaping Morphs, L'Homme Character Kit MR, Raven character, and What a Man pose pack. It's a $133.65 value for only $99.


L'Homme 1 Pro

The L'Homme 1 Pro 1.0  is a standalone figure, which makes him easier to work with and create content for. L'Homme 1 Pro contains improvements on previous Poser figures and includes a variety of new textures, advanced facial expressions, and more. He includes highly detailed texture maps and hybrid materials that work in both FireFly and SuperFly.

L'Homme 1 Pro also includes genitals; 22 textures for his eyes, lashes and brows, and skin; body morphs; and five poses.


What A Man

What a Man poses and props set comes with 23 Full Body Poses for L'Homme and mirrored versions, a default pose, and two hand poses. Props include a wall, fence, box, floor, crowbar, and wrench.

It also comes with three material options for the boxes, three scene presets, three light sets for SuperFly, and three cameras.


L'Homme Head Shaping Morphs

 Create your own character with this easy to use set of Shaping Morphs for L'Homme. This package includes morphs for L'Homme's nose, lips and mouth, face, eyes, ears and chin as well as the overall head shape. Fantasy head shapes for Fairy and Alien are included.


L'Homme 1 Character Kit MR

This package adds several body shape variations to L'Homme. Mix and match for endless possibilities, and merge them with your own morphs to create a custom character. With this package you get, 239 Morphs for L'Homme including 60 L'Homme Character Kit body morphs (.pz2 and .pmd), 163 L'Homme Character Kit face morphs (.pz2 and .pmd), and 16 L'Homme Character Kit gen morphs (.pz2 and .pmd).


L'Homme Raven


Meet Raven, a new dark, fabulous hunk of a rocker character for L'Homme. Raven comes with a head morph and body morph, eight eye materials, three arm tattoos, two torso tattoos, seven face lines and tattoos, and natural matfile.


L'Homme Classic Suit


A classic suit/tuxedo that every guy needs for all those special moments.  Includes groom's props.


Daniel Hair


Realistic unisex hair that works with L'Homme and La Femme 1 and 2 (with included fit pose in LF2). It's loaded with 30 Movement, Style and Adjustment morphs and 12 great colors that render well in any situation.