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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 13.00


The Baseplants continue! This one is focused on warm, tropical plants, and bring together some previous foliage assets while greatly improving them, adding new variations and textures, and morphs! As with all other Baseplant products, the materials and props are compatible with each other, so you find material for the Baseplants and trees, as well as clustered props of plants you can place right into your scenes and just hit render. The big feature in this pack are morphing palm trees with 4 heights, that can be bent several directions to create any palm shape you want. Included with them is also a multitude of bark textures so you can really vary them, plus a set of clustered trees if you just want to drop them into the scene for quick renders. Included are also some banana trees, 3 singles and several mixed inside plant clusters.

More materials are included for the base trees, and several new trees are included, these with big, upscaled leaves that are more suited for tropical plants. As with all Baseplant products however, all the leaves and barks from others sets will work interchangably. The base flowers from Baseplant Construction Set 4 are included her, both for materials and the props, as a bonus to help decorate those warm, tropical scenes.

The following is included:
3 Banana Plants
4 Palms with different heights and bend morph
5 Palm clusters
8 Palm and 2 tropical tree bark textures
3 Tropical tree leave textures for Base trees
Full base flower set from Baseplant Construction Set 4
Base Tree with 6 sizes, big leaves
4 Big tropical plant clusters (baseplant materials can be applied to change them)
10 tropical foliage clusters (baseplant materials can be applied to change them)
Low plant included, with 3 existing and 2 new materials.