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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 14.95


Take your runtime straight into photo-realism with Paralia Beach! 

Paralia Beach is a very unique and versatile beach scene with highly detailed, uniquely textured 3d models that can create very life like beach and sand scenarios. It comes with a main beach prop that has multiple tile zones on it. This gives it 9 4K textures! (4096x4096) So you will have a bottom part that goes down into the ocean, a middle part with 3 variations where the kelps gather, and the top wth 5 variations for bare sand and kelp patches. This makes it very organic, and you will not see repeating tiles anywhere, while retaining extremely crisp detail! A backdrop and seabottom prop is also included, to "seal off" the area. This comes together with the beach as a preload. PBR materials for Poser (Superfly) 

A full preload is omitted since the product file would be very big with all the morph targets. The scene however comes with numerous rock props, a big driftwood log, and several rock/bush presets, and 2 umbrellas, open and closed, with numerous texture options. Lots of versatility here, not even limited to beach scenes! Two of the rock presets use adjusted rock formations (adjusted textures) from the Portal of Riza product

The rock props and the driftwood log are photo based so they are not entirely even with the ground (nature never is), so they come with various adjustment and "push down" morphs, so you can integrate them more smoothly into your scenes.

The beach prop also comes with a special version that even has many, many small, detail pebbles on them from actual models, with many different texture variations. It's your best friend for close ups!

The following is included:
1 Beach prop
1 Beach prop with small rocks
4 Rock props
1 Driftwood prop
2 Umbrellas
7 Texture options for the umbrellas (open and closed umbrella share materials/textures for the fabric)
6 Backdrop presets
1 Seal in backdrop
1 Bottom prop
1 Sea plane
1 Palm tree from the plant library
12 Desert plants from the plant library