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By: ShaaraMuse3D

 by ShaaraMuse3D
Price: $ 15.95


Enjoy a large set of tropical plants! This 50 piece set has wild, overgrown rocks, stumps, roots, tangles and even trees, and many kinds of plants. Everything is made to be wild, thick and overgrown, and can be used for any kind of foliage scene, but primarily for warmer climates. Some trees are included from other products, but here they are overgrown with vines and leaves for a massively thick nature environment. The textures are high in resolution, with 4K textures for the larger pieces, and 2K textures for the larger plant leaves. As usual, all plants have many texture variations, so you will not notice repetitiveness anywhere. Some of the pieces have adjustment morphs, in case you put them on uneven ground.

The following is included:
1 Big root arch
1 Big root tangle
10 Circle low weed plants
2 Large ground pieces
10 Ground plant pieces
1 Landscape base
4 Low weed lines
4 Low plant segments with 4 material styles
2 Large Rock segments
1 Large root segment
3 Scattered weed patches
6 Tallplant segments
4 Huge tree groups with vines.