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By: TruForm

 by TruForm
Price: $ 28.00


Get immersed in the jungle, a densely packed product of nature that is also really really large in size!
It's designed in a dip so that you cannot see the borders of the scene, with a path that runs through the area in a "U" shape from one tip to the other. At one edge is a hill that drops into a little waterfall which continues alongside the path, parallel to the tip.
Containing near 70 unique items that are spread around the scene, it totals over a whopping 1000 props!
To cater for its complexity there are multiple loading options:

-Load the entire scene. Each element in the scene is separate so you can delete any part to create a clearing where desired.

-Load section by section with scene builder as it's broken up into 9 areas. What's more is that the trees load separately from the plants so if the camera doesn't face a certain area you don't need to have the plants there but still require the shadows that the trees provide.

-If you would like to populate it yourself there's even the option to load just the ground and each element individually! Even the path is removable! This not only makes it super flexible but gives the capability of a plant pack to other projects.

On the very outer skirts of the scene is a group of trees that are pivoted to rotate around the scene to give an even larger sense of the environment. Instead of wasting resources by having it encompass the entire area it's made to fill the background of only the visible area of your render, simply rotate it so that it touches corner to corner :) Even further behind that is a 360° panoramic shot of mountains to back the distant trees.

Note that this is an extremely heavy scene and, while it is created optimally, a powerful PC is recommended- Otherwise you'll have to build the scene to your available resources.