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Price: $ 149.95

Anime is more than a genre. It's a diverse form of art that encompasses action-packed adventures, offbeat comedies, inspirational stories, and more with distinct attributes in terms of animation technique and character design.

The earliest animations that are considered anime were produced in 1917 with the characteristic style solidifying in 1960 Japan. Over the years, anime has grown to combine graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other forms of imaginative and individualistic techniques. And now Poser introduces the next step in anime's evolution with Anime Girl for La Femme 1.

Anime Girl is easy to use as a morph for La Femme. To use the morph, simply inject them from the Pose Library and La Femme will be transformed into an anime beauty.

Developed by Blackhearted, nerd and Ilona for RPublishing, Anime Girl was created to take advantage of Poser's comic-style render features.

Requires: for Poser 12 (or higher).

Along with the Anime Girl morph, Renderosity has released more than 50 3D assets to support your anime art from Rhiannon, Ilona, DragonFly, DM and more.

We offer 3 character presets for Anime Girl and countless other Anime options via the individual morphs

The Readme has instructions to fit all of La Femme's clothing to the Anime Girl. A Dev Rig is included for Anime Girl.

Files included:

• Full figure materials - Anime for Comic, Anime for Comic NoBrows, Anime for OpenGL, Anime for SF NoBrows and Anime for Superfly.
• 10 materials for the eyes.
• 4 starter toon materials for use on any item of clothing or other items.
• Anime Injector.
• Default Pose
• 3 character presets - Himari, Michicko and Sakura
• HR Anime Dev Rig
• Texture files.

In addition to the Anime Girl for Poser, the following assets are also included to complete your Anime Pro Bundle.

Anime Faces

Anime Sweet Poses

Anime 01

Anime 04

Anime Shoes 04

Anime Combat Boots

Anime Combat Clothing

Kiyoko Character

Mahou for
Anime 01

Saiko for
Anime 04

Revolution for
Combat Clothes

Revolution for
Combat Boots

Anime Action Poses

La Rock Star Poses

Sekushi Pose Pack

Anime Boots 01

LF Ayane

Anime 02

Anime Shoes 01

Anime Sneaker Boots

Anime Punk 01

Anime Punk 02

Anime Punk 03

Anime Punk 04