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By: TruForm

 by TruForm
Price: $ 12.00


For the business class, the Jagar FP car is a perfect fit with its elegant look. A 4-passenger SUV with extra room at the back and a full detailed interior to increase its use.

Featuring moving parts:

Tilt the body left-right or back-forward for weight realism
Open doors (including controlling the exterior and interior door handles)
turn wheels
turn steering wheel
flick indicators
Press pedals
Change gears (both gearstick and steering controls)
move speedometer needles
open storage compartments (3)
open the hood
open the boot
move windshield wipers (front and rear)
Lower windows
Adjust the rearview mirror
Adjust front seats (move the seat back or forward and adjust back rotation)
Drop the rear seats for boot space (3 individual sections)

An engine is included at the front and can be hidden when not seen to save geometry. Built optimally to only use as much PC resources as necessary. The car exterior is also able to be textured with a layout provided in the texture folder.