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By: TruForm

 by TruForm
Price: $ 25.00


The luxury train is a deluxe ride with 6 carriages, all uniquely furnished for different uses.
Front carriage:
Control room and seating area with study at the back
2nd carriage:
Lounge with lots of seating and coffee bar, and piano just because
3rd carriage
Dining area and another wine bar
4th carriage
2 rooms and a corridor leading to them
5th carriage
2 ensuites (so each with a bathroom) and corridor leading to them
6th carriage:
Observation view with lots of seating and more window space to enjoy the outside scenery.

Features include:
All 4 'walls' of each carriage are separate including any division walls between rooms
Ability to load each carriage individually.
Pre-lit scene for a quick start
Preset camera angles

Built for best performance