Dreamy Denim for L'Homme Back to All

By: Dream9Studios

 by Dream9Studios
Price: $ 9.95


Dreamy Denim is a set of realistic denim jeans and shorts for the dynamic Jeans for L'Homme by Tipol. Both the jeans and the shorts come in a variety of color styles. The included material presets will render beautifully in both Superfly and Firefly. Give your L'Homme some stylish jeans and shorts to wear today!


  • 07 Denim Jeans Texture Maps
  • 01 Denim Jeans Normals Map
  • 01 Denim Jeans Transparency Map
  • 07 Denim Shorts Texture Maps
  • 01 Denim Shorts Normals Map
  • 01 Denim Shorts Transparency Map
  • 01 Set of Material Preset for Superfly & Firefly