Back to Basics 2 for LH Basics II Back to All

By: Dream9Studios

 by Dream9Studios
Price: $ 13.95


Back to Basics 2 is a set of detailed denim, cotton, leather, and rayon textures and materials for the LH Basics II clothing set for L'Homme. Each clothing piece has been meticulously textured for the highest level of realism I could achieve for L'Homme and this clothing base set. Included a multiple styles for each clothing piece that can be mixed and matched with material shaders for both Firefly and cycles shaders for Superfly for the ultimate in realism. Specially created injection morphs have been provided for the Jeans to loosen the legs and groin area to make them more natural looking on L'Homme. See the promo images for details.


  • 01 Loosen Legs Morph for the Jeans
  • 01 Inflate Groin Morph for the Jeans
  • 06 Denim Styles for the Jeans
  • 06 Denim Styles for the Jacket
  • 06 Solid Cotton Styles for the T-Shirt with Pockets
  • 02 Complete Watch Preset Options
  • 06 Wristwatch Band Options
  • 02 Wristwatch Face Options
  • 03 Wristwatch Parts Metal Options
  • 03 Leather Styles for the Sandals
  • 03 Abstract Rayon Styles for the Sandals