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Price: $ 16.95

DUF Prop Converter for Poser 12

This is a Python script for Poser 12. Requires Poser 12.0.703 or later.

This tool allows converting DAZ Studio 4 DUF Figures and Props to Poser native PP2 prop format using a simple drag and drop operation. This allows importing things like hair and props from DS4, as well as DUF Material presets, and use then in Poser. Props can be loaded directly into your Poser scene, or saved directly to your Poser library, or both! You have the option to Auto-Parent the prop to the currently selected actor. Then drag & drop existing DUF Material presets to apply them to the imported prop in Poser.

Link your DAZ Studio 4 Runtime folder as an external runtime in Poser, and REUSE all textures without having to move or duplicate them, saving time and disk space.

Main features:

> Expand your Poser props library by loading DUF props/figures from DAZ Studio 4.
> Easy drag & drop workflow with 3 operating modes.
> Convert DAZ Studio 4 DUF Figures/Props/Materials directly into your Poser scene or library.
> Automatic conversion of DS4 DSF geometry, DUF Figures/Props to PP2, and DUF materials to MC6.
> Options to load props into your Poser scene, or saved to your Poser library (or both!).
> Option to Auto-Load the prop to Poser after conversion.
> Option to Auto-Parent props to your selected actor after conversion.
> Converts DS4 materials to simple Poser shaders, including texture maps.
> Thumbnails are included when converting DUF props directly to the Poser library.
> Allows drag & dropping DUF PNG thumbnails to make the job more intuitive.
> Panel provides clear instructions, tooltips, and operation feedback at all times.
> Clear, simple, and intuitive interface with adaptive tooltips information.
> Script panel is persistent between Pose and Material Rooms.
> Poser native, dark themed panel with optional auto-docking.
> Smart panel remembers last position, size, docking state, and auto-docking settings.
> Built-in PDF manual launcher. Help is at your fingertips at any time.

**Note1: Imported Figures are converted to Props. They do not contain morphs or articulations (static props).
**Note2: You do not need to have DAZ Studio 4 installed in your computer. This script does not rely on DSON in any way.
**Note3: Only DUF props are supported (not DUF scenes or scene sub-sets).