What's planned for Poser Pro 11.3?

Nov 27, 2019 at 03:06 pm by Michelle Willard

Poser Pro 11.3

We have started working on the next Poser update with the goal to release it by the end of the first quarter of 2020, Poser Software CEO Tim Choate announced.

Since Renderosity acquired Poser in mid-2019, we have released one major update but have continued to work on the software.

The last major release, Poser Pro 11.2 was released Thursday, Sept. 19 with eight gigs of new content for all users and a new license management system for versions above Poser 10.

As a "bridge" release, Poser Pro 11.2 did not contain epic new features, but rather bridged differences between the old Smith Micro version and the new Bondware version of Poser. This means things like license management, software distribution methods, branding, asset store search and so on, were updated.

Poser Pro 11.3 will follow in the same vein with improvements to the existing systems, like improvements to local Content Library search, clothing fitting/design tools, and more guidance on render settings with wizards and alerts of potential setting problems, along with small bug fixes.

One key addition will be an in-app download manager for automated download and installation of purchased assets. The idea is to simplify the current purchase/download/install experience for new or casual users.

If you still haven't updated to Poser Pro 11.2, you can do so at PoserSoftware.com/downloads.

La Femme's perfect match

We are in the process of creating a male figure, named L'Homme, to partner with La Femme.

L'Homme is more than a partner, he's a morph of La Femme that can be injected into the base figure. Because he's a morph of La Femme, that means her clothing, textures and other assets can be easily modified to fit his masculine frame.

L'Homme is currently in testing with a target release date of sometime in early December.

Learn more about La Femme here.

Larry is back!

As true fans know, Poser was born back in 1995 from Larry Weinberg's desire to be an illustrator. He wrote the software to be a better mannequin for artists to use as a reference.

As Poser's fan base grew, so did its uses. The program has been used in scientific, medical, architectural, CAD, theatrical, and dance-based applications, along with 3D modeling, digital art and computer graphics.

"I knew Poser could be a useful tool but the response was overwhelming and the art it helped create was mind-blowing," Weinberg said.

And as Poser enters a new phase with Bondware, Weinberg has returned to Poser dev team as senior developer after winding down other commitments. He will be focused on Mac support and overall app architecture.

Bringing back the DVD

Sometime before Christmas, you'll be able to buy Poser on DVD through Amazon. (You can see a draft of the DVD sleeve above.)

We've partnered with distribution partner "Graphixly" to get a physical copy in the hands of those who want it. 

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