Poser 12 Basics: 2 things to know about how to use Anime Girl

Aug 25, 2021 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Basics: 2 things to know about how to use Anime Girl

Anime Girl is an easy-to-use morph for Poser's La Femme. 

Anime Girl comes with three materials — Anime for SuperFly, Anime for OpenGL and Anime for Comic (FireFly) — and three character presets. She also has 10 eye options.

Using Anime Girl, you can create cartoon-style or photorealistic renders by simply injecting the morph into La Femme and saving it. Then you can load your premade anime-style and apply any type of Conforming clothing to Anime Girl for a completely custom character.

Here are the two things you need to know to get the most out of Anime Girl for La Femme.

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Injecting the Anime Girl morph

To use the morph, simply inject them from the Pose Library and La Femme will be transformed into an anime beauty.

Start by finding the Morph Injection in the Pose section of the Poser 12 library. Unless you've moved it, the Anime Girl morph should be in the "Purchases" folder. Locate the "Injector" folder (Full file path: Purchases/Pose/La Femme/Anime/Injector).

Make sure the La Femme figure is selected and double-click the anime morph kit. This auto selects the Sakura-style morph and applies anime textures.

Morph dials are meta-dials, meaning they activate additional dials in the figure. The Sakura meta-dial activates other dials that allow you to mix and match attributes. This is how you can create unique characters easily. You can customize morphs to whatever you need.

Once you have your character created, you can then save the morphed figure to the "Figures" library for easily access.

To save the morphed figure, select La Femme, click the "+" at the bottom of the Library pane and save it as a new set after renaming. Be sure to keep the Original Geometry. To save the individual figure, click "Individual." To save it with clothing, click "Whole Group."

Now you have a pre-injected anime character for Poser.

Using Conforming clothing with Anime Girl for La Femme

Now that you've got a ready-to-use anime character saved in your runtime, you can dress her.

Don't be tempted to copy the morphs directly from La Femme. It works, but it won't give you the best possible results. Instead, use the developer's rig that came with Anime Girl. Copy those morphs and save the clothing item into a Temp folder with the original geometry.

Now load the pre-injected figure from your library. After you've added the clothing item to the figure, fine-tune the morphs using the Shaded-Line mode and the Morph Brush.

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Some tight-fitting conforming clothing may not completely cover the Ainme Girl’s skin, particularly when she is animated. You might notice the figure poking through areas of the conforming clothing. 

There are two ways to correct this problem. The first method is to hide the body part of the figure that is poking through by setting the body part as invisible in the Body Part Actor Properties menu. The second method of correction is to use the Morph Brush to raise the clothing over the hole, or lower the body part underneath the clothing.

The Poser Manual includes a detailed description of each Action available — Push, Pull, Rotate, Flatten, Smooth, Restore, Tighten Fit, Loosen Fit and Sag — for the Morph Brush, along with images to show the effects they have. In this specific example in the video above, Nerd uses the Smooth (or Relax) Brush to fine tune the conformed clothing.

You can use the different morph brushes to fit any piece of clothing to La Femme's Anime Girl. 

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