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Price: $ 147.99


The La Femme Pro Bundle comes with the La Femme Pro Figure, Tempting for La Femme poses, Cami's Closet, Capri Soiree, Head Shaping Morphs, Alethea, NYX Dreamer, Olympic Leotard, Gold Medal poses, Salty Scarlett, and Salty & Sweet for Salty Scarlett. A $211 value for only $147.99.


La Femme 1 Pro

La Femme 1 Pro has amazing features that are designed to utilize all the power of Poser. She is the Poser figure that you have been waiting and asking for. Beauty combined with versatility and ease of use. La Femme 1 Pro contains improvements on previous Poser figures and includes a variety of new textures, advanced facial expressions, and more. She includes highly detailed texture maps and hybrid materials that work in both FireFly and SuperFly.


Tempting for La Femme 1

Tempting is a set of 25 full-body poses and their mirrored versions (.PZ2) for La Femme 1. It also includes a set of wavy wall and floor props.


Cami's Closet II - Coco for La Femme 1 and 80s Cami's Closet Textures

Cami's Closet is a fabulous set of clothing including many different pieces to be mixed and matched together. In this bundle, we have included '80s Cami's Closet, a set of six '80s-inspired textures for Cami's Closet II Coco. 


Capri Soiree for La Femme 1


Capri Soiree is an entire outfit at your disposal means you can be both flexible AND fashionable with this set. This set includes  the top, pants, sandals and belt. Different texture sets allow you to create your own unique style.


Head Shaping Morphs for La Femme 1

Create your own La Femme characters with this assortment of shaping morphs.


Alethea for La Femme 1

Alethea is a beautiful, sexy new girl for LaFemme 1. She can easily be the girl next door, a gothic vixen, or anything in between.


NYX Dreamer for La Femme 1


NyX Dreamer is another lovely gothic style outfit for LaFemme 1 to mix and match with her other NyX packs and goth style pieces. This package includes a top, skirt, gloves and headpiece with leather and lace materials.


Olympic Leotard for La Femme 1

Olympic Style Leotard for La Femme 1, with long sleeves and options to make it sleeveless or swimsuit style. The material presets include combination shaders that are each compatible with both FireFly and SuperFly.


Gold Medal for La Femme 1

A wonderful collection of 20 brand new olympics gymnastic poses for La Famme 1. 


Salty Scarlett for La Femme 1

Salty Scarlett for La Femme 1 is a new fantasy pirate outfit. Whether she's pillaging and plundering or hanging out in the crow's nest, your favorite gals will be looking fabulous doing it in the Salty Scarlett outfit. This package contains arm guards, belt, boots, hat, pants, skirt, two swords, a compass, hand poses and default materials for all. 


Salty & Sweet for La Femme 1

Salty & Sweet is a set of textures for the fantasy pirate outfit Salty Scarlett for La Femme 1. This package contains six full textures for Salty Scarlett's arm guards, belt, boots, hat, pants, skirt, two swords, a compass, hand poses and default materials for all.