Poser 13 Release On Track for March ‘23

Jan 20, 2023 at 03:39 pm by Staff

Image rendered in Poser 13 Beta by Jura Kerleha
Image rendered in Poser 13 by Jura Kerleha

It’s an exciting time for us at Poser, as we square away some final details on the anticipated  Poser 13 release. The team absolutely cannot wait for Poser 13 to drop, as we believe it will be the best version of Poser yet.

We’ve mentioned this before, but we expect dramatically faster render speeds to be one of the most striking features of Poser 13. Both CPU and GPU-based renders will be significantly faster using the updated SuperFly render engine. 

In addition, we have enhanced Poser’s remote rendering tool Queue Manager (for network-based render farms) to support GPU rendering and PostFX processing. In practice, this means a customer can render a large Poser animated sequence across a network of older CPU-only computers, high-end GPU-equipped computers, or a mixture of both. 

Queue Manager render nodes will consume one seat on a Poser license (standard license includes three seats) leaving two seats for remote render nodes. Additional seats can be purchased as needed. We’re still working on the pricing for additional license seats.

Watch this space for additional news and information about the upcoming release.

Customer feedback makes us better.  What do you love about Poser? Which parts need improvement?  What features do you have trouble understanding, and why?  

You deserve the best possible version of Poser. And if Poser 13 is to serve the community’s needs, then feedback from users is critical. Fear and shyness be damned. 

As we’ve shared over on the Renderosity blog, we plan on promoting our tutorial content via the newsletters in the coming weeks. If you haven’t watched these tutorials, then carve out some time. They might answer one of your lingering questions. 

When the time is right, send us a message. Give us every gory detail.  

Thanks for everything you do. 

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