Behind the Scene: Modern Kitchen by Jura11

May 11, 2023 at 10:48 am by gToon

This is the first in a new series of articles where we will look closely at a beautifully rendered scene created in Poser 13. The updates to the Superfly rendering system now allow users to adjust the render settings to create a powerful visual impact. We will interview the Poser artist, ask about his rendering workflow and get advice on specific render settings inside Poser 13
This beautifully rendered scene was created by Jura11, a Poser artist with a strong modeling and rendering skill set. We were so impressed with the quality of the light (and reflected light) in this scene we just had to contact Jura11 and ask him about the scene. What follows is a short interview that covers the inspiration for the scene, the technical aspects of his render set-up, and his general workflow using the new SuperFly rendering system in Poser 13. 

Talking with Jura11 about Creating Modern Kitchen

Where did the idea for this scene come from?

Jura11: The idea on this scene comes from one of my older scenes which I wanted to make and put on hold, but the actual idea is from the kitchen which I saw in the shop here, I liked the idea of the kitchen cabinets and island, not sure why I liked it so much though.

How did you begin to create the scene: do you have a set process or is it different for each scene?

Usually, I start with the room idea which is changing all the time, sometimes I sketch that on paper and usually try to replicate it, process is most of the time the same, room walls are usually first and then I start modeling other things, like cabinets, chairs etc

As the scene developed, what problems did you encounter?

There are a few problems that I encountered. Usually, it's of my own making like modeling windows which I tried to make differently but ended with my old style which I created a while back. Then the materials: I made them for the SuperFly renderer. A few years back during the Poser 9 or 10 era, I was dreaming I could make renders like this in Poser, but now my dreams have come true with the introduction of Poser SuperFly.

P13 has updated rendering: how did you use this new feature to add light and ambiance to the scene? And what settings did you use?

Of course, I used new features which you can find under PostFX. I usually use Denoise intensity at 0.5 which seems to be a good middle ground. I set Exposure at 0.2-0.45,  and saturation at 0, gamma is -0.0930. The brightness is 0.006 and for contrast, I set it at 0.0230. For lighting, I use simple 3 area lights and infinite light acting as the sun. 

For the render settings on the final render, I used up to 60 samples, with adaptive sampling threshold set at 0.010, Min samples at 0 and path trace time at 0.0, filter glossy at 10.00, and clamp direct and indirect samples set at 10. I always use Progressive refinement as a base.  For other settings: Min bounces 16, max bounces, 16, Glossy 16 and diffuse 16, transmission bounces 16, Min and max transparent bounces 64 and 128, volume 16 and bucket size 512. For a newer GPU from Nvidia, I really recommend cranking bucket size up to 1024, 512 is I would say, middle ground. For CPUs 16 bucket size is my preferred choice.

These settings evolved from my earlier Poser 11 experiences. It took a while to get it right, but now there are some settings I don't touch. In some scenes, I crank pixel samples to 90 samples in the worst case, but usually, I use 60 samples. If there is some noise in the final render,  I add Denoise, which is very helpful and I recommend using it.

Anything you'd like to add before we close?

I'm really glad that scene was finished although I planned to finish it or release it when Poser 13 was released, but mental health issues took a toll on me and I would like to apologise for that. I really want to thank everyone who downloaded this scene and everyone who helped me test this scene before release, as I said before a few years back I was dreaming or wishing about having such renders in Poser 13, but now we have SuperFly which literally makes these renders possible.

I built my workstation (and also build them for others). Here are my specs

  • AMD Ryzen 5950X,
  • Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570,
  • 64 GB DD4 3600MHz,
  • 2x RTX 3090,
  • 4x 360mm radiators plus MO-RA3 360MM radiator,
  • Superflower 8pack 2000W PSU and a lot of HDD's and SSD and NVMe, in total there are 10 normal spinning drives ranging from 3TB to 8TB,3x 2TB SSD and NVMe storage is 4TB boot and other 4 NVMe ranging from 512GB to 2TB, 512GB is used as cache drive 
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