Behind the Scene: Sleeping Girl by Kalypso

Jun 01, 2023 at 08:00 am by gToon

This is the second in a new series of articles where we will look closely at a beautifully rendered scene created in Poser 13. The updates to the Superfly rendering system now allow users to adjust the render settings to create a powerful visual impact. We will interview the Poser artist, ask about his rendering workflow and get advice on specific render settings inside Poser 13

How did you put this scene together? (Process/elements)?

Kalypso: I started with the space I wanted and chose this particular room because of the large windows which would allow for more light. The rocking chair was the perfect spot for a nap so I decided my central figure would be there. Many elements were taken from other products and added to complete the scene. In putting together an image I find it easier to use multiple cameras to be sure everything is positioned correctly.

Light is amazing in this render. What was the lighting process and what were your final settings?

For the lighting, I used an environment dome with an 8k hdr and one light for the sun at an intensity of 320%.  Daylight is relatively simple to achieve in Poser and it also renders faster too.  In order to get the lighting right I usually do many test renders.  I always have "Progressive Refinement" checked which allows you to see the entire image as it is being rendered so I can stop and go back and make any changes.  

How did Poser 13 respond as you were working on the renders?

I found that SuperFly renders even faster in Poser 13 now with Optix.  I have stopped using FireFly except for the occasional "toony" render.  Rendering speed, however, depends a lot on the lighting as well as the render settings.

There's a wonderful sense of stillness in the image. How did you achieve this effect? Her sleeping pose is so convincing.

I'm a fan of siestas and indulge in them from time to time and having had cats my entire life I've always loved the way they enjoy sleeping.  There's something about the warmth of the sun lulling you to sleep that is soothing so I suppose bringing all those elements together succeeded in creating the atmosphere of stillness.   As an afterthought, I placed the table with the wine and food in the foreground as a still-life vignette within the image.

What were your final render settings for this image?

I am by no means an expert or a "techie" where Poser is concerned so I use render settings suggested by others and play with them until I have something I like.  (Final render settings - see image above.)

Poser 13's expanded PostFX was a welcome addition as I almost always took my renders into an image editor for color correction or anything else that would enhance it.   Now I just click on the PostFX button on the top of the render (the square with the arrow coming out of it) to get the PostFX fly-out and play around with those settings.   For bright daylight de-noising is almost never necessary but I do use Exposure, Saturation and Gamma often.  Occasionally I use Bloom but I prefer to save that separately to have more control as I composite the two renders.

Any tips for new Poser 13 users on achieving a quality render?

Achieving a render you like takes some trial and error so be prepared to do many test renders.  Keeping "Progressive Refinement" checked in the render settings helps to get an idea of how the image is going to look so you don't need to wait for long render times and then make corrections. I would say lighting is the most important element in an image and posing can also make or break an image. Even though there are many wonderful pose sets out there be sure to tweak them according to your own setup.  I usually start with a ready-made pose but details like feet and hands depend a lot on where your figure is positioned and any objects with which they have contact so they will need special attention.  Finally, use references to get a sense of space and size and your image will look more realistic if that's what you're going for.

Kalypso's PC Specs:
  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900 CPU @ 2.80GHz   2.81 GHz
  • RAM - 64.0 GB (63.9 GB usable)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
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