Poser - Retrospective and Sale

May 15, 2024 at 01:14 pm by Staff

Imagine a world where 3D characters come to life, where human figures and fantastical creatures dance across screens, and where imagination knows no bounds. Poser has been the magical bridge between artists’ minds and the digital canvas, allowing them to pose, animate, and render intricate poly-mesh figures with ease. Let’s embark on a retrospective voyage through three decades of Poser’s evolution, innovation, and enduring impact!

From humble beginnings to cutting-edge features, Poser has woven itself into the fabric of digital artistry. Whether you’re a seasoned Poser enthusiast or a curious newcomer, join us as we celebrate this remarkable software’s legacy.

Poser is a 3D rendering software package that has been a go-to tool for digital artists working with 3D characters in illustration and animation since 1995. Let’s take a look back at its journey over the years:

Origins and Early Years (1995-2000):

Poser was initially released in 1995 by Fractal Design Corporation. It focused on the posing, animating, and rendering of 3D poly-mesh human and animal figures. Artists could load pre-rigged figures, props, lighting, and cameras for both still and animated renderings. The software gained popularity among beginners due to its ease of use and extensive availability of third-party digital 3D models.

Evolution and Community Growth (2000-2010):

Over the next decade, Poser continued to evolve. It added features like material editing, facial photo matching, dynamic hair, dynamic cloth, and improved figure rigging. The community of Poser artists expanded, creating and selling content through various third-party channels. Thousands of tutorials were created to help users learn and master the software..

Recent Years (2010-2019):

Poser continued to receive updates, enhancing its features and performance. The software remained a valuable tool for creating original images, including human figures, medical and industrial design illustrations, editorial graphics, graphic novels, and more. Renderosity, a graphic 3D art content store, supported Poser, and the software has maintained a loyal user base.

In 2019, Bondware, the parent company of Renderosity, acquired the Poser product line from the previous owner, Smith Micro. This marked the sixth ownership change in Poser’s 24-year history.

Bondware’s CEO, Tim Choate, recognized the strong connection between Renderosity and Poser. Renderosity had always been closely associated with Poser, and this acquisition provided an opportunity to shape the software’s future.

Bondware’s initial focus was on adapting Poser to its license management system and product download infrastructure. This bridge-release aimed to seamlessly integrate Poser into Renderosity’s ecosystem.

During this period, they also expanded their development team and sought advice from previous Poser team members and contributors.

Soon after, two iconic figures that have elevated the Poser software experience arrived on the scene - La Femme and L'Homme! The development team, drawing from a collective century of design experience, crafted these human figures to offer artists a diverse palette of characters to bring their digital worlds to life. Recently La Femme 2, the eagerly awaited successor to the original La Femme, has arrived and L'Homme 2 is not far behind!

Renderosity continues to support Poser offering a vast selection of ready-to-use content while the PoserSoftware site and content store have evolved hand in hand fostering creatiity while upholding a respectful and safe space for artists worldwide!

Bondware’s long-term vision for Poser involves delighting customers by delivering commonly requested features. They aim to enhance the software’s capabilities and address user needs.
The latest major release, Poser 13, represents the next step in the revitalization of the Poser brand. While the interface has evolved, it still preserves elements familiar to legacy users. Poser remains a versatile choice for artists working with 3D characters and scenes.

Bondware’s acquisition of Poser has injected fresh energy into this iconic 3D figure design and animation tool, promising a bright future for artists and creators worldwide! Its longevity and adaptability demonstrate its enduring appeal over the past 30 years.

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