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    1. File Hierarchy
      1. File Families
      2. Poser Default File Locations
      3. Poser Downloaded File Locations
      4. Other Poser File Types

For purely conceptual purposes, it is useful to think of various Poser file formats as falling into a loose hierarchy, with some files containing subsets of information stored within other file types. Also, while each Poser file type contains information unique to that format, several file types are virtually identical in structure. For example, hand and face information is part of a pose, which along with hair forms part of a character, which combined with other information is part of a scene.

File Families

It is also useful to think of Poser files in terms of the types of information they contain. For conceptual purposes only, you can think of Poser files as being grouped into the following families:

Poser Default File Locations

In the list below, note that the following list provides the default locations of the Poser file types. If you are downloading any Poser files, be sure to place them in their correct locations. File placement is most critical for files that belong in the Runtime: Geometries folder. Library files have more flexibility. In the following list, an expression in parentheses means that the sub-directory or name depends upon the figure. You may create your own sub-folders and relocate files within the Libraries sub-folder. In this case, file locations will be reflected in Poser’s Library palette. You may place graphic (texture, bump, etc.) files wherever you like, since Poser allows you to specify their locations. The following list gives all file locations relative to the Poser: Runtime folder:

Extension (uncompressed) Extension (compressed) Type Typical Runtime location
BUM** n/a Legacy bump map  
CM2 CMZ Camera libraries\camera\Camera Sets
CR2 CRZ Character libraries\character\(category)\(character name)
FC2 FCZ Face libraries\faces\(category)
HD2 HDZ Hand libraries\hand\(category)
HR2 HRZ Hair libraries\hair\(category)
LT2   Light libraries\light\Light Sets
MC6 MCZ Material Collections libraries\material\(category)
MT5 MZ5 Single material shader libraries\material\(category)
OBJ OBZ Figure Geometry Geometries\(figure name)
n/a PMD Binary Morph Targets PMD files are binary morph target files that are a redistributable means to deliver morph targets. If you have Use External Binary Morph Targets enabled in the Misc tab of the General Preferences dialog, PMD files are created next to a CR2 (when a figure is added to the Library), next to a PP2 (when a prop is added), or next to a PZ3 (when a scene file with morph targets was created in an earlier version of Poser, or when the morph set of figures and/or props has been changed since they were added to the scene).
PP2 PPZ Prop libraries\props\(category)
PZ2 P2Z Pose libraries\pose\(category)
PZ3 PZZ Poser scene any (user-selected location)
PZS   Web links Web links\(category)
RSR* n/a Small file, Windows-only thumbnail graphic libraries\character\ (category)\(character name)
RSR* n/a large file, both Mac and Windows – Binary OBJ) Same location as associated geometry file
TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG n/a textures, bump maps, etc. textures\ (category)\(subcategory). You may store additional images in any folder you wish.

*RSR format thumbnails are deprecated, and have been replaced with PNG format thumbnails.

**BUM format bump maps are deprecated. Common image formats such as JPG or PNG are used instead.

Users who download characters or other Poser files may need to manually place some or all of the files in their correct locations. Please use the above list to ensure correct file placement.

Poser stores files containing preference information in the user’s home directory. This preference information includes Memory dots, Library preferences, Poser UI preferences, and the Poser.ini/Poser Prefs file. These preference files are stored in the following locations:

Windows 7 and later example: C:\Users\<PoserUser>\AppData\Roaming\Poser\12\


Mac OS X 10.9 or later example: /Users/<PoserUser>/Library/Application Support/Poser/12/

Poser Downloaded File Locations

By default, Poser places downloaded content in the Download library. Please refer to The Poser Library for more information about Poser libraries.

Other Poser File Types

Some users may encounter PHI and PCF files. Previous versions of Poser used PHI to perform functions that are now carried out in the hierarchy editor/Setup room (Pro Pack & later). PHI files were directly contained within OBJ files, and were located with the OBJ file. PCF files are used by an application called Objaction Mover and are beyond the scope of this document.

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