Preview Tab

Clicking on the Preview tab at the top left of the Document brings up the scene preview window, where you can manipulate figures, props, etc. to set up your Poser scene. Refer to for detailed configuration parameters for the Preview tab’s preview display window.

Components of the Document Window.

The Preview tab contains the following controls:

  1. Preview Tab: The tab shown above.
  2. Render Tab: See Render Tab
  3. Document Title: The Title appears along the top of the Document, and displays the current Poser scene (such as My Scene.PZ3).
  4. Render Controls: Refer to Render and Area Render

  5. Frame Selection/Orbit Selection: See Frame Selected and Orbit_Selected.
  6. Camera Mini-Controls: See Mini-Camera_Controls
  7. Options Menu: See Options Menu
  8. Select Figure menu: See Select Figure/Current Actor Menus
  9. Current Actor menu: See Select Figure/Current Actor Menus
  10. Current Camera: The name of the currently selected camera view appears in the upper-left corner of the document window.
  11. Viewport Layouts: See Single/Multiple-View Panes for more information about multiple views.
  12. Tracking Mode: See Tracking Mode
  13. Depth Cue: Depth Cueing adds dimension to scene elements visible in the Document. When Depth Cueing is enabled, elements farther away from the camera fade into the distance. See Using Depth Cueing.
  14. Shadows: See Shadows
  15. Comic Book Preview Options: See Cartoon Settings
  16. Colors: See Colors
  17. Measurement Controls: See Measurement Mode

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